Welcome Ape Holder. It's time to see what you're truly made of!

Always wondered what the rest of your ape looks like?

Now you can! Full Body Ape Club allows you to mint your full ape so you can see yourself in all your glory.

Your first mint gets you a matching outfit, and your second and third will really show off what your ape can be!

For BAYC holders only. Limited to 1,111 NFTs total and max 3 per ape.





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Wait, what is this?

We love Bored Ape’s. We love the creativity, the content, all the derivatives that are dreamt up. But we noticed something... where’s the rest of your ape?

We thought we could help, and have dreamt up an idea of what they may look like.

So, anyone can get a “full ape” now?

This is only open to existing Bored Apes. We respect the community, and think what’s right is only making this available to ape owners.

Ok cool, so what’s the deal?

We’ve created a bunch of combinations of what the bottom of your ape might look like.

Your first mint is guaranteed to have bottom clothes matching your top, and your 2nd and 3rd will be something completely random and fun!

We’ve also limited the entire collection to 1,111 apes. That’s it. Not all apes will be able to look down and see the rest of their body.

Ok, so what’s this going to cost me?

You can mint 3 combinations of each of your ape’s. .06 per mint, Every 3 mints in one transaction gets you a .03 discount.

Cool soooo do I own it?

On mint we transfer all rights to everything you mint to you. We want you to go crazy and dream up anything and everything.


On 75% sell out we will begin work on a video game... Just kidding. No roadmap. That’s it. The art. We will be open to one off custom work if there’s something you want, but it won't be part of this collection.

Ok what if i bought an ape on Opensea?

Our project was built to first and foremost create derivative's for Bored Ape owners. We believe that the commercial rights to an ape, even the derivative's of the ape, are owned by the original ape owners for as long as they own their original ape. We will fully comply and defer to the Bored Ape Yacht Club on all direction on ownership, IP, and use.


ADVISOR @TheSmarmyBum
ARTIST @borba_jose
TECH @KryptoBean

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